We would like to thank

We would like to thank Mixt Service Kft. and its owner József Balog, who is not only one of the founding members of the New Hope Association, but also one of its main sponsors. Thank you for counting on your support, work and helpfulness for more than 12 years. Most recently, I expressed generously in the construction work, in the building materials. But in many other jobs and projects, he takes on the role of wolf, encouraging others and us to do good, to do good.
The company presentation of Mixt Service Kft. Can be found on the website www.mixtservice.ro or on the https://www.facebook.com/Mixt-Service-362587520848743 facebook page. We have already found their reliable and quality services in our city, but they have been present in several parts of the country since 1992.
We ask and encourage all entrepreneurs and business owners to support the work of the New Hope Association if they agree with our activities and objectives. Let’s not forget that we can also support and do good from our taxes. There is a constant need for supporters, grants and volunteers to carry out the work!
Help us help together!