Support me this year too with your tax-time-opportunity …

We would like to thank all the individuals who have offered their income tax to our organization for several years or even this year. Thank you for all your quiet support. From this depressed value, we covered a part of the maintenance and renovation costs of the organization.
Anyone who regularly follows the work of the New Hope Association knows that we are in the process of renovating a building. This work is beyond our ability. But many thanks to the volunteers who have taken part in this work and continue to do so. Whether it’s breakage, cleaning, electrical installation, planning, thank you to everyone. Thank you for your help and effort.
It is important to keep in mind that we can help non-profit organizations with this right every year. Many times, admissions have said it is very little value or a lot of paperwork with it. Every little bit of support counts, and keep in mind that a lot of little things go a long way.
We thank the volunteers for their work in helping to gather support iv, find supporters, and organize the things that come with it. Year after year, they do their job better. Thank you for taking your time and opportunities.
We also thank the companies that support their taxes quarterly, semi-annually and annually. Thank you to our partners and supporters in our projects. Thank you for not rejecting and forgetting about our organization. So they don’t forget those in need, the sick, or large families.
If you can and want to help you can do it. Whether you are an individual or a company, be active, be a helper, be a support, be a volunteer: Help us to help together!
Contact us with your ideas, questions, requests Info Tel: +40 744 839 213, Dr. Csaba Puskás, Email: Our bank account number BCR –Erste Bank RO33RNCB0221119461360001 CIF: 27751247.