In this project we want to take the accent on three important things:

At first, we want to remind that you can borrow freely accessories for people with disabilities, staffs for a walk, various crutches, toilet, trolley, special beds for people with disabilities or bed immobilized patients.

The second project is the camp. Obviously, persons with disabilities could not travel so easy like healthy people. For that are so important these occasions where these persons can meet each other. At these meetings, they have the possibility to listen to the expunger for example how to use the staff, how to maintaining body hygiene, the possibilities to move, but also about Christian themes which strengthens them spiritually. The participants can be made handmade thinks and also can play games in groups. They are supported by doctors, nurses, and masseurs. It is important to speak about spiritual help. Many times not the lack of physical strength or physical illness is the main problem, the bigger problem is the spiritual lack.

To accept their fate and integrate into the society they need the spiritual support that only God can give them. For that, we organized Christian programs, lectures, concerts, programs with children, where participants have the opportunity to find true healing through Jesus Christ.