Strong like iron

Strong like iron…
We would like to thank B-MASIV company, to Józsa Jonatán, for supporting the rehabilitation of the headquarters of the New Hope Association with iron products, which are essential for the next phase of work.
Jonatán’s company is located in Szilágy county, Szilágyperecs, but they also have several warehouses, their products and services are also available in Szatmár county. You can also find them on the website
It would have been certain to be supported in Szilágy county as well, but they did not look at this, but at the need. We especially thank and appreciate this. It is also exemplary for us to continue to help anyone, anywhere, with joy. We wish God’s blessing on your work, your business, and your entire family!
We also thank all the volunteers who helped with the unloading.
Help us to help together!