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We have every week meeting with addiction people.

In Satu Mare we have weekly meetings in the “Green House” in garden Kossuth in the old communal bathroom. The meetings are every Monday at 18-20 pm, with the help of Bonus Pasztor association for helping addiction people.

To these meeting we are waiting every kind of addiction people who want to be free from their addiction, or their relatives. They can got information at 0743-479-497.



Assistance of addiction people


What is addiction sickness?

The addiction is an insurmountable think that is recurring regularly came back, a need for something from which relief is expected, the reduction of problems, the feeling of joy. The addiction is signaled by physical symptoms caused by the cessation of the substance, which gives the addiction. After a time appear also the syndrome of spiritual addiction. 3-4% of the population fight whit kind of addiction. In the case of addiction people in most situations appear another kind of addiction. In our country, the most important addiction is alcoholism and the negative consequences of it. The date of National Agency Of Anti-Drugs of Romania shows that 6% of the population regulated consume products with high alcohol concentration. The number of drug consumers grows up in the last 2 years with 15%, their number is an estimation only in Bucharest at 20000. Who already fell the negative effects of the additions and try to escape from this vice but without success, they can request help from the Bonus Psztor Foundation. .It is not enough to dishabituate him, to detoxify him from his or her vices they need to teach who to live with this new life.

This trial has 3 steps:

1.     Therapy

1.1  The long therapy program

In 2005 opens its gates to the Magyarozdi therapy home. This house uses the Canadian therapy house model the “Portage”, in local application. All of this means building a therapeutic community that aims to further the individual in their own personal therapy. “The Indian canoe glides nicely until they get stuck at a ford. You have to help it through the shallow water and behold, it swims beautifully again because it can swim if it has enough water. This help is the “portage” this is the mean of the change. “—writes from one of the circulars of the Ráckeresztúr Drug Therapy Home. The therapy goal is to support the personal development of each addiction people in a positive way, for the initiative, making appropriate decisions, responsibility, and communication skills which are essential for a life without drugs and gambling. The therapy is recommended for men between 18-50 years old. In addition to group and work therapy, the treatment also provides individual pastoral care and counseling. In the therapy Home, the therapy of each people is guided by a case manager (mentoring). The daily program is: the residential community have 3 meeting per day, seminars, and work. The duration is between 3-9 months depends on each other development.

1.2  The short therapy program BPA since 1996 organize short therapy programs, which are referred to in more direct conversation as healing or helping camp. The therapy program is open for addicted men and women and also for their relatives. The goal is to stop using the drugs, alcohol or any other addiction and to take the base of a new life without addictions, dealing with co-dependence problems of family members of addicts and encountering the Christian faith. The therapy elements are: the psychological and doctors have presentations, seminars, small group conversations, personal counseling and pastoral care, reflections, and preaching’s related to biblical verbs. Duration: 12 days.  

2.     Aftercare

The aftercare is a very important thing in the process of recovery and in the relation to relatives. More of these people need after the therapy more support and counseling. We provide this with an aftercare program team through local support groups and personal counseling. We offer also aftercare camps and aftercare conferences.   

3.     Prevention

Forming public awareness for prevention work and dealing with the children of addicts. Awareness-raising draws attention to the dangers of excessive alcohol, drug, and drug use. Have we escaped from addictions? The answer is a definite YES!!! Addiction need therapy. It’s not an easy way but many people did it.