Aftercare camp

This year, the Aftercare Camp for Addicts will take place in Bucsinon on August 17-24. between. As before, this year’s group discussions, lectures, devotions, individual pastoral care, counseling, and leisure activities will complete the program. Our goal is to help participants with specific needs and wants, as well as help them deal with social, family, and other issues. In […]

The end of school at Awana club

About 40 children were present at the meeting and the end of the school at Awana club. They were so happy because they don’t need to answer the questions from what they learn in the past, the most important thing was the game. We played the most popular games: among other things, relay games, guiding […]

Awana—25 May 2013

As we announced, it came the time for a new meeting of Awana club. After singing the hymn and stating the commitment, we participated in a funny game. For that time the blue team competed against the red team for the most points. At the end of the fight the blue team wins with only […]

Awana —11 May 2013

We were waiting so impatient for the new meeting because was 3 weeks of pause because of the holidays. Many children were very excited, the meeting was in the gym where after the sing of the hymn and stating the commitment, we participated in a very interesting game. The game was guided by our friend […]

A family in need

A family in need… … He asked for our help and we gladly complied with their request. They were evicted from their property bought on a bank loan and their belongings had to be transported to a village 60 km away. For this, we provided a vehicle and a manual force of 10 of our volunteers. It was […]