Here’s your chance to help!

We hear about the fire at Mikró 16 in Szatmári. The family is specifically asking for clothes and financial support, as they need something to wear and are currently cleaning, painting and repairing (they would need professional help). Until this restoration takes place, not even a plate can be placed anywhere. There are 2 girls aged 11 and 14 and a boy aged 15.
For those who want and can help, this is the best time.
Donations can be sent to Szatmárnémeti Str Paltinis 12, phone consultation required Ervin 0743-171616.
Help us so that we can help together!

The home of the family with three children who lost all their personal belongings during the fire on April 19 has begun and continues at full steam in Szatmár, and the Új Remény Egyesület is also trying to do its part.
Recently, new windows were installed in the rooms with blackened walls and in the kitchen. A big thank you goes to the TERMOPAN BIRO company and its manager, ISTVÁN BIRÓ, who selflessly offered his generous help to the family in need.
Additional donations can be sent to Păltiniș utca 12, Szatmárnémeti. Prior telephone consultation with Ervin Szeredai is required: 0743-171616.
Help us so that we can help together!