“And hope does not put us to shame…”Romans 5:5

The Association Of New Hope had been officially registered in October of 2010. Our goal is to help and support poor people spiritually and materially need. It was still in a partnership before the formation of the New Hope Association with the Hungarian Eastern European Mission Foundation. Our first mission was at Kovaszna were together with our local staff brought materials and spiritual help for poor people. One of the most important areas of our operation is the help, treatment, and rehabilitation of addicts. We want to help achieve passion through therapy, not forgetting the importance of aftercare. Based on this, we also pay a lot of attention to prevention work, we would like to draw the attention of those around us to addictive diseases and their harmful effects with various actions. Our activities also include helping medical institutions with medical instruments and equipment, depending on our capabilities. We make the everyday life of people with disabilities easier by providing free medical aids and organizing various programs, like: wheelchairs, crutches, room toilets, walking frames, beds for the disabled. Our priority activity is the launch of the Awana Children’s Club, where we are primarily looking for young people between the ages of 6 and 16 who have not yet heard or heard little about the good news of the gospel. We teach them Biblical truths and how to apply them in everyday life in a playful quiz. We organize prevention and information programs for children and young people. Last but not least, we are also involved in organizing Christian events: we consider it important that people receive not only financial but also spiritual help.

Plans for our new building: