Strong like iron

Strong like iron… We would like to thank B-MASIV company, to Józsa Jonatán, for supporting the rehabilitation of the headquarters of the New Hope Association with iron products, which are essential for the next phase of work. Jonatán’s company is located in Szilágy county, Szilágyperecs, but they also have several warehouses, their products and services […]

The wheel is spinning

The wheel is spinning … We tend to help in many ways. We give from what we have. But what if you run out? Can this happen to me or to you ?! Now we want to help a family that has helped those in need many times before. He gave up things to have […]

Sponsorship 2021

Dear ones, Have you already had 3.5% of your personal income tax? They can still do it until May 25th. We all contribute to the state budget with our income tax. However, we are free to decide which NGO to redirect 3.5% of the income tax paid to. If you want to support us without costing you […]

Help us to help together!

We live in times when we don’t have time for each other. Everyone is busy, in a hurry, working a lot. Many times it is a task that seems impossible for a person to stay, to understand others, to help even with a good word or a smile. True values ​​are pushed into the background. We’re in a […]

To be continued…

Even with Covid-19, you can find opportunities to help. If many times the goal even seems remote or unreachable, we will still try to seize every opportunity. To be able to help others, to have a secure home for the various programs, we need to continue renovating. We would like to thank Mr. KIK-KASZA MIKLÓS – ZOLTÁN, […]

The cornerstone of a peaceful dream

Sleep is a defining element of our daily lives, be it a child or an adult, poor or rich, everyone needs it. To make the dream undisturbed even in an intestinal family in need, where four brothers spend their daily lives under one roof, the Eastern European Mission helped by giving the family a bunk […]


In this way, we want to thank you for helping us to the “young” married from Bible classes within Nemeti church, which proved once again, that they are like a big family who helps each other every time. In a short time, they made clean at the new headquarters of the New Hope Association. We […]


Dears, Have you already opted for the distribution of 3.5% of the annual tax on income from salaries and pensions? You have just a few days for that. Each of us contributes to the budget of the state, paying income tax. But we have also the possibility to choose where we want to pay our […]

“A hot meal per day” action

Dear donors! From a month when we started the action to collect food and donation, you gave us 2100 lei like individuals. We want to thank SANTEC, NICOVID companies, and respectively BRADU SRL for helping us with their contribution, we got in total 8.054 lei. Whit the help of the Satu Mare voluntary organization “a […]