In this way, we want to thank you for helping us to the “young” married from Bible classes within Nemeti church, which proved once again, that they are like a big family who helps each other every time. In a short time, they made clean at the new headquarters of the New Hope Association. We […]


Dears, Have you already opted for the distribution of 3.5% of the annual tax on income from salaries and pensions? You have just a few days for that. Each of us contributes to the budget of the state, paying income tax. But we have also the possibility to choose where we want to pay our […]

“A hot meal per day” action

Dear donors! From a month when we started the action to collect food and donation, you gave us 2100 lei like individuals. We want to thank SANTEC, NICOVID companies, and respectively BRADU SRL for helping us with their contribution, we got in total 8.054 lei. Whit the help of the Satu Mare voluntary organization “a […]

Help the needy with food or money!

Not just the corona virus (Covid-19) is dangerous but also the hunger. You can help also the needy with food or money. The donation can be brought at the Association Of New Hope from Satu Mare, Paltinis street, Nr. 12, from Monday to Friday between 07-17, or you can make a bank transfer to the […]

In focus

Friendships are decisive. She had it too. She thought big and dared and told her friend. They like it. Her support was not only in expression but also in concretes. She went and asked the boss. She knew he shouldn’t be discouraged by the big boss’s attitude. She had another idea. It feels good to […]

Social inclusion

On January 30, some members of the New Hope Association’s leadership received an invitation from the Baptist Church’s Social Methodology Center to attend a conference entitled “Social Inclusion in the Baptist Community”. We gladly accepted the invitation, because we were given the opportunity to present the activities of our association in 15 minutes. The conference, […]

The men’s choir from Rákoscsaba

On November 10, 2019 the men’s choir from Rákoscsaba being led by conductor Hricsovinyi Renáta visited three chirches from Satu Mare county: The Emanuel Romanian Baptist church from Satu Mare, the Emanuel Roma Baptist Church from Odoreu, and the Ray of Hope Baptist Church from Satu Mare. Special thanks for the preaching to Gábor László., […]

20 wheelbarrows + 20 trailers + 2 football gates = ? Happy kids

Association New Hope and Mixt Service SRL tried to bring happiness in many kid’s life. Together we cleaned a part of the Some’s bank: 20 wheelbarrows of trash, 1 trail of grass and hay, 1 trail of dry branches were collected from there. Besides the hard work, we had time to sing, for playing happy […]

Awana 15 march 2014

There was no lack of goodwill, games and the points gathered by this meeting of the Awana club. Also new kids participated, which made us very happy and we received them with love, and helped them to integrate in the group. Our group unveiled our new flag which we received from Association of Club Awana […]